Designer Trip to NYC

By April 22, 2014 No Comments

I recently returned from a FABULOUS trip to New York City, where I filled up on everything design. I went to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show (or, jokingly called the ADHD Show, for all you endlessly-distracted smartphone users), networked with the best of the NYC design scene, went on tours, and attended enough educational seminars to make my brain hurt. I am seriously impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism in this industry. Going to events like this makes me proud to be an interior designer.

A couple highlights from the trip:

Dining by Design
One of the most fun things about the ADHDS was being able to go into the DIFFA Dining By Design area. DIFFA is an foundation that raises money for organizations fighting AIDS. To raise money, brands will sponsor and design a table. Then they will sell tickets to a cocktail party and a gala dinner. I didn’t go to the party or dinner, but I was fortunate enough to see the public viewing of the tables and they were quite a sight!

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