“We absolutely love what you’ve done to our apartment, and it is even better after the final installation! I didn’t expect to love the drapes as much as I do; they are, needless to say, much more polished than those awful vertical blinds, and let the light in without too much radiation and heat. And the rod/track for them is genius–no need for complicated removal of the vertical blinds and very unobtrusive. I’m amazed that you managed to fit all of those books on the shelves. Ideally, K—- could have parted with a few and left a bit more open space, but it does not look cramped. He just can’t buy any more . . .

“Overall, you created something that was even better than we had expected. It’s comfortable and non-pretentious, but elegant, calm and (even with all of our extraneous stuff) feels uncluttered. Your choices of art were perfect, and, skeptical as I was about it during the planning stage, I love the color of the accent wall. It’s the “grown up” space we should have had years ago.

“Thank you so much for your work on our project, for brilliantly handling all of our unique challenges, and for the gorgeous new space we now have!”

– Gretchen B., Downtown Seattle, WA
Project type: furnishing & decoration of urban apartment

“Lindsey Runyon has been a pleasure to work with from day one. We are impressed with her great design judgment/integrity, a commitment to outstanding customer service, and her ability to work with us at our pace and within our budget. Our dream condo is all and more that we had hoped for, thanks to her guidance, encouragement, and perseverance. She has a gracious ability to support difficult decisions (parting with beloved old relics) in favor of achieving our new design goals. The process has been painless and the result most satisfying. This young woman has a tremendous career ahead of her and we are most happy to lend our support.”

– John & Jan D., Downtown Seattle, WA
Project type: Furnishing & decoration of high rise condo

“Lindsey’s creativity and expertise combined to make a dazzling finish, style, and layout for our living room and nook. We’re thrilled with her helpfulness, thoroughness, and flexibility to find great pieces that stuck with our style and budget.”

– Cristal N., Redmond, WA
Project Type: Furnishing, decoration, & cabinetry design
in family living & eating areas of a single-family home

“Lindsey is a very creative designer. She can work with what you have or start from scratch! She has a lot of creative ideas and expresses them well.”

– Rich S., Bellevue, WA
Project Type: Furnishing, decoration & re-design
consultation for condo

“My experience with Lindsey Runyon Design was fantastic! Ms. Runyon worked with me to clearly define what I wanted for my condominium, and she engaged with me consistently throughout the process to ensure I was happy with the progress of the project. I am very happy with the results of our work together and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

– Brad P., San Diego, CA
Project Type: Furnishing of downtown condo

“Thank you so much for your design services, your flexibility and creative abilities took an overwhelming project and made it an organized and efficient process. Our living and dining areas continue to receive complements from friends. We appreciate your ability to work with our tight budget and desire to be eco-friendly, and find ways to get the most bang for our buck!”

– Don & Sibyl D., Kirkland, WA
Project Type: Concept planning for single-family home

“With the remodel of Robert Ramsay Cellars tasting room we had very specific goals and a tight timeline of which Lindsey delivered to that end. Lindsey’s acute attention to detail is what separates her from other designers and paves the way for a beautiful finished product.”

– Bob H. & Lauren V., Woodinville, WA
Project Type: Interior Architecture, space planning, and design
of winery tasting room www.robertramsaycellars.com

“Lindsey was excellent at setting expectations for my project. I knew exactly what to expect, and she delivered. Lindsey is both creative and practical in her approach to planning spaces. I really appreciated her suggestions and am happy with the outcome of my rooms.”

– Jennifer C., Fremont, Seattle, WA
Project Type: Space planning for fitting rooms,
back office & esthetician space in a lingerie boutique

“Working with Lindsey Runyon Design could not have been more rewarding. Lindsey transformed my new condo from an anonymous space into a vibrant, welcoming home. She immersed herself in the project immediately with such enthusiasm I couldn’t help but enjoy what ordinarily would have been somewhat nerve-wracking, with all the choices to be made and options to consider. She was always welcoming of any input or suggestions on my part, yet was able to move me to make final decisions without seeming pushy or impatient.

“For each stage of the project I knew what to expect – and when – due to her wonderful planning sessions and design documents. I am a CPA, and found her billing to be very timely, accurate, and easy to understand, which in my experience tends be the exception, rather than the rule. Lindsey completed the project on time, and within budget.

“The final product is simply stunning, and visitors to the space always comment on the style and sophistication of the color, fabric, and furniture choices. I highly recommend Lindsey Runyon Design, and would use her on another project without hesitation.”

– Ed G., Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
Project Type: Furnishing, decoration, & cabinetry design
for neighborhood condo

“Lindsey was referred to me by a friend who used her design services at his Admiral house and was so impressed that he had her remodel a large chunk of his office also. My situation was a bit complicated because due to a recent divorce I had moved from a 3000 sq ft house to a flat in a Belltown highrise and literally none of my dark cherry house furniture matched, or even fit with my new place! I wanted to make sure the furniture fit with the style of the building and was worried that if I did it myself, it would end up looking like a college dorm.

Lindsey came in, immediately grasped the challenge, spelled out her design process and clearly outlined her flat fees. Almost immediately, her staff was at my place measuring everything out and by our next meeting she had layouts and options for me to look at. She truly has a gift for this stuff! A few seemingly simple ideas gave my place a unique and professionally-designed look, yet they are the types of things that I would have never thought of on my own. I suspect that comes from experience as well as a natural gift for visualizing spaces and ideas. She also did an excellent job incorporating my hobbies and a few of my existing pieces of art into her design, so that nothing looked out of place.

I was impressed with her timeliness and respect to my schedule. Within a few days everything was assembled and installed around my schedule. The fit of the furniture pieces was perfect and the pieces she found look to be far more expensive than they were. Most importantly however, they not only did everything fit like a glove dimensionally, but it all ‘clicked’ perfectly with the existing new-age style floors, counters and built-ins. For that extra mile, Lindsey went as far as helping me chose bedding and a tea kettle, to match the overall design 🙂

Finally, the last surprise was within the final tally. We actually came in about 15% under budget!! And there were no surprises when it came to her design fee, as that was a flat amount. Frankly, given the amount of time that she and her people put into my project, I feel like got quite a deal and the end result is far better (and faster!!) than something I could have done on my own, or with the advice of friends.

Since then, I have received many complements on how cool my place is; even from my dad, who doesn’t compliment anything, ever!”

Tyson G., Seattle, WA

“I’ve had many opportunities to see samples of Lindsey Runyon’s work and it’s always stunning. Lindsey’s design is very versatile — from classically elegant to contemporary chic — she finds the style that is the perfect authentic fit for each client.

Aside from being highly creative and professional, Lindsey is also very easy to communicate and work with. She’s well connected with businesses related to the design industry (fabric, furniture, electric, tile, painting ect.) and able to get the best deals for her customers.

Lindsey brings her impeccable sense of style to residential as well as commercial design and she’s always a pleasure to work with.”

Margrit B., Edmonds, WA

“I hired LIndsey Runyon Design to help me with some floor plan issues in an odd shaped room in my home. She opened my mind to using the my space in a totally new way and gave me some great options. Although it was a small job that didn’t amount to much it was a great experience. She was beyond professional and I would not hesitate to use her for other projects in the future (hopefully bigger next time if the husband allows haha).”

Paige W., Seattle, WA

“Lindsey did an amazing job designing my parents house! Everything turned out beautifully. I was especially impressed with how professional and patient Lindsey was with them. It is a stressful thing to make a large investment into your home and Lindsey was really supportive throughout the entire process. In the end, everything turned out beautifully and my parents could not have been happier with the results.”

Aria D., Seattle, WA

“Hiring Lindsey was the best thing I ever did for my business!

I consulted Lindsey to help me with remodeling a space for my business relocation. She is exceptional at understanding the big picture while being extremely detailed oriented. At a time when I was inundated by having to make multiple decisions in a short amount of time, she was able to guide me to make the best choices for my space and vision. She understood my style while also giving me creative suggestions that I had never thought of. I also really appreciated her knowledge and expertise in choosing the most sustainable options available for each design step we were working on.

She is very accommodating and easy to work with. Lindsey is not only a talented designer, but also a positive and supportive influence. Thanks Lindsey!”

Christine C., Seattle, WA

“Lindsey and her team were such a pleasure to work with. She was professional from start to finish. I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues. She has great ideas and also listens to feedback. I hope to work with her again.”

Angela Y., Renton, WA

“Lindsey is amazing! She help my husband and me turn our 1960’s, tiny, tiny bathroom into an oasis. We love that she loves to work with sustainable materials and practices. And the quality of her design and the contractors’ work is above expectations. She was great about taking a token piece (a Japanese vase that’s been in my husband’s family for years) and designing a gorgeous bathroom around it.”

Danielle H., Seattle, WA

“I’m a frequent traveler and was unable to commit the time necessary to furnish and decorate my 1 Bed/1 Bath condominium.  Last year I hired Lindsey to help me with everything from layout design to piece selection.

Lindsey was extremely attentive and made the entire process very easy.  Due to the distance (I live in San Diego), Lindsey and I completed the initial stages (determining my needs/constraints of the space/budget/etc…) via telephone and email.

The design process was enjoyable, with Lindsey providing layouts and piece recommendations for my comment.  Her engaging personality made providing feedback easy.

My place was completed last December and I have been extremely pleased with the services Lindsey Runyon Design provided.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to turn their house into home.”

Brad P., San Diego, CA

“Earlier this year, I looked around our condo and realized that it needed an upgrade. The paint colors on the walls were bright yellow and maroon — a leftover from the previous owner — there were Ikea mountings on the walls, and the furniture I’d had since college didn’t match the space.

I felt intimidated about what to do or where to begin, and hired Lindsay after our first consultation.

She was great! First she got to know my husband and me, our personalities, our tastes and our quirks.

Then, she helped us with every step thereafter. She came up with a design plan, helped us pick out new flooring, coordinated bids for contractors, helped us decide on furniture, picked the right paint colors, and even hung up the re-framed artwork.

Lindsey even found some perfect pieces on Craigslist, because she and I both have a heart for recycling and eco-friendly buying.

Sometimes, I look around the condo and can’t believe that it is a place in which I actually live!

…And, as a busy professional, I was delighted at how easy she made everything. I never felt like the project was stressful or that we were going over budget. She kept us informed the whole way and she took the intimidation out of the project. Over the course of the project, she saved us money and hassle.

If you’re considering any upgrade, or have moved into a new space, I would recommend hiring an interior designer and Lindsey in particular.”

Andy J., Seattle, WA