With the economy as its worst, Bellefleur Lingerie, a fun and flirty boutique in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, was at its best. Bellefleur found the perfect time to move from their tiny “starter store”, to a retail location more than twice the size, and (3 times the cubic volume!) just a block away. The new location, however, was a bit... rustic. Interesting historical details in the new space included literally, a staircase to nowhere; a door (but it wasn’t supposed to be used) leading to a creepy art basement with a baby cradle and old mannequin parts; and a large, empty section of the store that needed to somehow turn into a luxury environment for fitting rooms, a waiting area, an esthetician space, product display, and an office.

Boutique owner and author of Underneath It All, Jennifer Carroll, requested my help in the space planning of this area, which took up nearly half of the store’s overall square footage. There were many factors to consider when deciding where to put the walls, such as:
  • Sight lines from cash wrap area
  • Comfortable sizes for each of the 3 fitting rooms
  • Fitting rooms & esthetician room adjacency to waiting area
  • Not blocking off the basement door in case of emergency
  • Sizing the esthetician room large enough for a standard massage table with circulation & storage space all around it
  • Product wall sized to accommodate a display étagère that was moved from the old location
The space planning puzzle pieces are put together now, the stairs to nowhere are used for storage, and Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique is thriving in its new location!

If you want to visit Bellefleur in person, and see some fabulous lingerie, the address is 3504 Fremont Place North / Seattle, WA 98103.

All photography courtesy of Joey Nicole Photography