Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa is located in the heart of Queen Anne and takes a naturopathic approach to health and beauty. The owner was ready to expand and sought out a new location with more rooms as well as space for a Naturopathic doctor to provide services within the spa. The new space was formerly a lawyer’s office and needed a major face lift. It received a chic, high-end transformation fitting the direction of the spa and the owner’s vision.

We saved money and materials by keeping the walls in their existing locations but all finishes desperately needed attention, including the ceiling. The extremely unattractive and neglected ceiling tiles were standard office acoustical panels and did not communicate the serene, calming, and high-end environment we desired. The new ceiling tiles by Ceilume allowed us to create a beautiful and bright ceiling without the expense of putting in an entirely new drywall ceiling. It also preserved all the functionality of a drop ceiling, but with an upgraded look.

The previous lighting was the standard for a commercial dropped ceiling: fluorescent tubes in a grid. We replaced these with recessed cans and added some decorative fixtures. Bringing in numerous floor and table lamps add additional light and variation.

The existing low-pile carpeting was impractical for a spa and in poor shape. The new engineered bamboo floors are easy to keep clean and look beautiful. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and we all valued incorporating a sustainable material.

We used bold and beautiful paint colors throughout the space. The owner was ok going bold. “This is a spa. I want people to have an EXPERIENCE.” To keep the color palette cohesive, we used the spa’s logo for inspiration. The graphic designer who designed the logo also created a stunning decorative pattern that we converted into a custom “wall cling” for the reception area.

Accessories came from Z Gallerie as well as numerous other sources all over Seattle. The Bella Fiore spa is now an inviting space fit for relaxing, unwinding, and pampering.